Image Size

Image sizes may vary slightly upon download

Please choose your image size carefully before purchasing.

If you have a web designer please refer to them for optimal sizes before purchasing.*

  • Small Size (750 X 420 @ 100 DPI) – Generally speaking, the “small size” images are low resolution for web and email use only. Mostly for social media like instagram or twitter. Facebook posts may require the medium size for best quality. 
  • Medium Size (2500 X 1400 @ 300 DPI) – Medium Size is suitable for small prints (up to 8″x10″) and larger “Hero Images” or banners on websites and social media.*
  • Large Size (5000 X 2800 @ 300 DPI) – Large Size is suitable for larger printing requirements. Please refer to your printer’s requirements for larger prints.

If you require a different size or image resolution please contact us with your exact needs and we will send you what you need.

You can also email us at or call 239-285-5320

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