Using Naples Area Stock Photos In Your Blog Content

Using Stock Images and Photos in Your Naples Area Blog Content


In today’s world, it’s pretty likely that a blog without images simply isn’t going to be read. In fact, as I mentioned in my post on How to Use Stock Images in Your Naples Area Social Media Marketing, blogs with images receive 94 percent more likes than blogs without them.


This is reason enough to place images into your blog, but you can’t just drop any old image into your content. You need to carefully plan which images go with what blog, especially when you are using stock images.


While adding images to a blog is a fairly simple task, doing it effectively takes a little more attention to detail. If you feel like you don’t even know where to begin, keep reading for some tips on using Naples area stock images in your blog content.


Spread Out Your Images


How many images you use in a blog largely depends on the length, but a good rule of thumb for SEO and attention-holding purposes is one image per every 300 words. For more lengthy blogs that will have several images, you will want to make sure you space out the images as evenly as you can.


These images should reflect the content of the piece and supplement your message. Stick with simple images that relate to your subject matter and stay true to your overall theme.


Avoid Being Too Cliché


I’ve mentioned this before in this series on Naples area stock images, but it is especially true for your blog. Stay away from photos that are overly corny, unnatural, or convey false emotions. You don’t want any photographs that are distracting or are obviously staged. Your viewers won’t connect to these unnatural images, which also means they won’t engage with your content.


Use Natural Images


When you are trying to choose the perfect stock photography for your Naples area blog, you should always try to find real people in natural settings and situations. As I said above, you don’t want anything that looks too unnatural or staged. Your viewers want to see real people in real situations, they crave authenticity, so give it to them through real photos.


Stay True to Your Branding & Theme


Using Naples area stock images can get a little tricky when it comes to staying on brand, but you can often find images that will reinforce your branding rather than seeming random. Choose images that match the style of your blog as well. Think about your company’s message, the direction of the particular blog, and marry them together to find the perfect image.


Don’t Use Random Photos


It’s easy enough to drop a random image into a blog just for the sake of having an image, but does it have anything to do with the content? If not, you’re probably just confusing your readers and missing a chance to connect with them. Your Naples area stock images should be specific and convey exactly when you’re saying in the blog.


Make Changes to the Images


Yes, you can edit stock photos! Once you purchase the image, it is yours to do as you please. You can crop the images, overlay text, cut things out that you don’t want to be included, and more. Put those Photoshop skills to good use and make your stock image exactly what you want it to be for your blog and brand.




Keep these ideas in mind when you’re dropping stock images into your blog content. Make sure everything flows together well and that you aren’t repeating the same images over and over as well. Originality is key, and while you want the images to be on a similar theme, you don’t want the same exact image more than once. Remember,  www.naplesstockimages  may not be your only source for stock imaging in the area but we should be a great place to start your search!


Happy blogging!




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