Naples Area Stock Photography for Marketing Campaigns

More Tips To Effectively Use Naples Stock Photos In Your Marketing


Did you know stock photos can be a valuable part of your marketing efforts? If not, it sounds like you didn’t read my first post on the topic.


But fear not! I’ve got some more tips for you to make the most of your stock photos.

Use Images to Kickstart Your Naples Marketing Campaign


Images are a focal point of any campaign, because the images you use in your marketing materials are usually the first thing that will catch someone’s attention. Using stock photos that effectively convey your message will be the best way to draw in your target customers to your shiny new marketing campaign.


You can think of stock photos as a shortcut — you don’t have to hire a photographer to take specific images for you, as something similar likely already exists in the database of approved images. This saves you time and money and gives you a product that should be just as effective.


And when it comes to stock photos — less is more.


What do I mean by this?


In general, a stock photo comes from a large series of photos depicting a model in similar situations. But you don’t necessarily want to use too many images of the same person or setting in your materials, otherwise that model, who has nothing to do with your company, could be viewed as your official spokesperson. People will associate with the person, rather than your brand or message.


You want your images to all be similar and stay along the same theme, but not necessarily all come from the same exact pile or photo session. This way you can keep things fresh as well.

Remember, You’re Choosing Images for your Audience, NOT Yourself


It bears repeating: make sure you choose images for your audience, not yourself.


You may have your own set of preferences when it comes to images you like to see online or in marketing campaigns, but is that what’s best for your brand and company? Stay focused on your message and brand voice, as it may differ from your personal choices. Silly images may work for one company, but not be a fit for another.


Your brand identity will form the overall scope of your campaign as well as the stock images you will use within it. As I’ve mentioned previously — everything has to be consistent, so people will gain a familiarity with your look and message.


Consider your audience and think of what types of images they would want to see attached to your materials. Does the image you’ve chosen match up? If not, change it to one that does.

DON’T: Be Too Corny or Use Unrealistic Images


I get it — people like corny! But there’s a limit.


Cheesy images will catch people’s attention, but they might grow tiresome or be too over-the-top.


If you choose an image for your campaign that shows someone in an unrealistic scenario, it’s a good bet that people will grow to hate it, or simply ignore it. This sounds like bad news for your campaign, doesn’t it? Worse yet, your customers aren’t assigning the images to your specific campaign, they see it as a connection to your company and brand as a whole.


This makes them less likely to do business with you, as they are annoyed with your corny images. See how important image selection can be?


That’s why you should resist the temptation to use the photo of the person tearing their hair out at their desk, or standing triumphantly in costume during a meeting. Walk the fine line between corny and too corny and you’ll find yourself a winning image.


Instead of that lame image, pick one that is natural and realistic. The photo should show the person in a scenario as it would actually happen in the real world. It should be relevant to your specific message and not be too obvious or cheesy.


In other words, they should instantly be able to relate your message with what’s occurring in the image, rather than having to guess, or feeling like they’re being beaten over the head with a corny photo.


Stock photos that are overly corny will distract from your message rather than supplement it. Test your choices with someone in your department or within the office, and if any feel awkward to them, swap them out.


In my next post, I’ll start to get into specific tactics you can use with your stock images within your social media marketing plans. Stay tuned!



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